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Maveric Jacy

Hey! Im Maveric!! Im an 18 year old songwriter and student living in Brooklyn. Ever since I was a kid I've loved writing to the point where it completely consumed me. I'd spend hours writing stories and poems about my daydreams and when I started listening to music on my own time, I added songs to that list. I love Jack Antonoff and Kate Bush (I especially love Lorde) and they've inspired me to pursue music. Producing and writing my own music has been something I'm so grateful for. Its the way I get through the hard days and seemingly monumental changes in my life. My freshmen year of high school I started putting the pieces together and creating my debut album "Words That Stay". The album just came out during my senior year and I'm beyond proud of it. I'm currently working on my second album and I can hardly wait to share it with you all. With everything going on in the world music has been the one thing that keeps me going. I hope you enjoy the music I've put out and are as enchanted by the world as I am.



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